• Release date: 14 August, 2020
  • Tags: alternative, world, global fusion
  • Producers: Rhaffy, Dwin The Stoic, Ruka, Muyiwa Akhigbe
  • No of songs: 9

The Cost of Our Lives

The Cost Of Our Lives is a 9-track LP from the Nigerian alternative band Ignis Brothers.

With the songs on their debut LP, Ignis Brothers explore possible answers to the question "what does it cost to be alive". Each of the songs explores aspects of our lives that could be counted as costs or prices paid for our existence.

Before time began for any of us we all took turns sitting with the being we call the creator and we asked them “What do I give to be alive? What price do I have to pay?” Is love the thing we pay with? Giving ourselves to each other. Is that it? Or could it be pain, the pain of heartbreak or the pain of existence, of wanting it all to be over. Is it fear, the kind that eats at you until you admit that you are scared. Is it feeling out of place in a place you call home or is it the thrill of being alive and taking chances? Do we pay with the promise of being remembered; living our lives in ways that make sure people never forget us. Or is it hope; the constant drive of the human spirit to want more, to want better even when there’s no reason for this hope? We ask these questions because even before time begins, In heaven and on earth, nothing comes for free. So we ask again, what is the cost of our lives?