Meet Us


Lead vocals, (air) guitar. a.k.a Dwin, The Stoic. Has successfully wrestled polar bears on two separate continents (yes, two!). Supposedly, has received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts, even though the school year has already started. Authenticity of letter has yet to be verified, so he works as a tech consultant while he waits. Can't seem to grow any facial hair and currently voted "Most likely to not fail at life" by every member of the band.


Guitar and a bunch of other instruments. Has no tattoos that make him look cooler than everyone else in the band (but he still is). Still has health insurance. When sporting an afro, he brings forth the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Believes in random capitalisation and is a strong advocate for letters in between sentences. Expert on dogs, marine wildlife and you know, stuff. Currently saving up all his change to buy a Ms. Pac-Man arcade console. Has a pretty good vertical jump.


Awesome vocals and (sometimes) guitar. Not exactly a brother. Would rather play for the Little comets, Green day or even J.P Cooper than in Ignis Brothers. Good at taking and editing photos. Hates that she’s good at taking and editing photos because her computer is shit. Near-expert level at “F.R.I.E.N.D.S" trivia. Fist-fought a plate of amala that “looked at her weird”. Wishes she lived in the 1980’s and was the lead singer of The Cranberries, licking the microphone like....okay that's not a good mental image. Instead, she’s just some poor singing corper.

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